Calendar of Events and Gigs

Performances, Residencies, Studio Events 2021- 2022

Friday, November 12, 2021 7:00 pm, Lauramusic Studio Recital at the  Music Center for the Northwest

March 4-6, 2022,  visiting artist for MAP. Edmonds, WA

March 7-8, 2022,  visiting artist for MAP. Olympia, WA

May 22-29, 2022,  guest artist at Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico.

Friday, June 3,2022  Lauramusic studio recital at Music Center for the Northwest

Thursday, September 29,  Music of the Westward Expansion author presentation at Fort Walla Walla Museum, evening program.

Performances, Residencies, Studio Events 2020

3/1/20 (9-1:00)  Sand Point Country Club, Champagne Brunch

3/21/20 (8:00-5:00)  Adjudicating at the Newport Piano Festival, Eastside

5/16/20 (6:30-8:00) Studio Recital at Music Center for the Northwest

10/3 -10/10 Rancho la Puerta, Guest Artist for the week – Tecate, Mexico (cancelled)

11/26  (12:00-3:00)  Sand Point Country Club, Thanksgiving Day Lunch (cancelled)

Performances, Residencies, Studio Events 2019

3/23/19 Adjudicating the Newport Piano Festival, Bellevue

3/31/19 7:00 pm Lauramusic Studio high school juniors and seniors recital, Wedgwood Presbyterian Church.  Open to the public

4/22/19 E.L. Week Music Residency at Academy for Precision  Learning, Seattle

5/11/19 Lauramusic Studio Spring Recital at Music Center for the Northwest

July 10-13/19 Shoreline Arts Missoula Children’s Theatre Show Accompanist

Sept 5-8/19 Piano Festival at Netarts Oregon. Performance Date TBD.

11/ 4, and 11/18 Music and Dance of Mexico and Cuba Residency at Shorecrest High School. Sponsored by Shoreline Arts Commission.

11/27/19  5:30-8:30 Sand Point Country Club  Dinner Music, Seattle

11/28/19 12:30-2:30 Sand Point Country Club Lunch Music, Seattle

12/19/19 5:30-8:30 Sand Point Country Club, Seattle

Performances, Residencies, Studio Events 2018

2/5, 2018 Day Long Cuban Dance/ Music  Residency at Shorecrest High School

2/25, 2018 4-5:30 Music artistry Group Class at Lauramusic Studio

3/6, 2018 Music artistry Event for Students, Wedgwood Presbyterian 1-5:30

3/30-4/29, 2018 Ridgecrest Elementary Heart and Place Residency in Shoreline (school hours every day)

5/12-5/19, 2018  Rancho la Puerta, Concert and Sing Along  (Baja, Mexico) 

6/16, 2018 Lauramusic Studio Recital, Music Center of the Northwest, 7:00-9:00 pm

9/2, 2018  Pianist for  the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church Service

9/9/2018  5:00,  Playing in piano concert  at Netarts/Oceanside Firehouse, part of Piano Arts in Netarts

11/9/2018 Private Candlelight Dinner  at Sand Point Country Club

Performances, Residencies and Events  2017

1/ 21, 2017 Master Class at Classic Pianos in Portland

2/ 26, 2017 Vocal Adjudications in Edmonds, 2:00

2/ 26, 2017 Group Class at yellow house studio

2/ 27, 2017 Rhythms and  Dances of Cuba for Shoreline High School

3/ 6, 2017 Student adjudications at Wedgwood Presbyterian Church, 8-11:00 am

3/ 9, 2017   Coaching session in Portland

3/ 17, 2017 Bach Phasing Rehearsal, Bellevue

3/ 18, 2017 Laura  Adjudicating on Eastside, Newport Hills

3/ 19, 2017 Bach Phasing Performance, 6:00 pm, Bellevue Classic Pianos

3/ 23, 2017 Wedgwood Montessori, Spring Music Program

3/20-3/24, 2017 Young Artists Festival at the University of Washington

4/3-4/7, 2017 Shoreline Schools Residency, Rhythms of Cuba

4/9-4/15,  2017  SPRING VACATION

5/13, 2017 Group Field Trip to the Magic Flute with Seattle Opera

6/4, 2017  Lauramusic Studio Spring Recital at Music Center of the Northwest

6/11 Private Event- Wedding at the Northcut  Landing

6/22/17  Presenting at the WSMTA Conference in Shoreline

7/31-8/4,  2017   Shoreline Arts Commission Music Residency

10/14, 2017, 3:00, Wedgwood Presbyterian Church.   Heart and Place: the story of the Westward Expansion told through music and narrative.  Program includes piano, guitar, fiddle, and Northern Cheyenne Courting Flute selections.

10/23-10/27, 2017 School Residency/Concert with C.M. Russell Museum, Great Falls,       Montana

Sunday, 12/17/17 12:30-2:00 Studio Recital at Music Center of the Northwest, 901 N 96th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

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