Laura Dean, Home

Includes  music of the Overland Trail, music in early frontier settlements, and  the music  of the Northern Cheyenne Courting Flute as taught to me by Jay Old Mouse of Busby Montana. The performance includes solo piano music, singing, guitar, and demonstrations on the fiddle and the Northern Cheyenne Courting Flute.

The colors and contours of ethnicity in Montana- and in the United States as a whole-are much like those found in a medley of musical themes in a symphony. Each melody has it’s own unique characteristics, but listening to the whole symphony reveals that the individual themes complement one another in such a way to create an even greater design: a pattern that, at its best, produces an amazing level of harmony and balance.” –  A Montana Cultural Medley, edited by  Robert  Swartout, Jr. (pg. 17)







2 thoughts on “Laura Dean, Home

  1. Louise Hullinger says:

    Laura, thank you for your marvelous article on ‘BUILDING A STUDIO COMMITMENT’ that you placed in the Seattle Music Teachers Association, Noteworthy, November 2016 issue. I shared it on my facebook wall, if you have any problems with that let me know.

    Thank you,
    Happy Teaching,
    God be with you,

    Louise Hullinger

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